How Finding your Inner Goddess came about

Going through my own issues and desperate hurt allowed the basis for me to create ‘Finding Your Inner Goddess’.  My own journey has been one of many years that I have travelled the path which has taken me on my metaphorical journeys through forests, deep crevasse’s and reaching mountains high – I use this as an analogy of my own personal journey.


I could not do this journal without the life lessons I have been through, and yes, I continue to grow and expand within. I appreciate every moment that I have been through, to understand the very essence of what is required for women who have travelled similar or darker paths, and are still going through their journey. Mine has been a difficult one whilst I was going through it, and I don’t minimise anyone else’s journey, as each journey, no matter how small or big, takes us to places that cause us to re-evaluate both ourselves and our worth. We cannot think or allow ourselves the complacency of thinking it is okay to put ourselves second or last, for in doing so, we lose ourselves and de-value who we are. We have been gifted life by God, should we not honour ourselves as in doing so we honour God?

When we go through times of great distress, it feels as if everything is collapsing around us and as if no one understands what we are going through.  Simply put, we can control the reality we create in our minds; however, we allow the negative to supersede. Sometimes it is easier to allow our negative thoughts to dominate to such an extent, that we feel overwhelmed and incapable of creating solutions. Yet if we stood back for a moment, accessed the situation and grounded ourselves, we would be able to deal with the situation logically and effectively. When we understand and know that we have the tools within us to overcome it becomes easier to deal with any situation. Like a good marriage, where we work at it, so is the process with ourselves, and complacency within leads to cracks which in turn develop into far worse situations.

There are many wonderful self-help books and courses out there however I wanted to create a journal for women to embrace who they are by re-discovering themselves.


In this journal I have shown you a process to help you overcome whatever circumstances you are confronted with. Finding Your Inner Goddess journal you can be done by you alone or as a group of friends or in a workshop. When using this journal in a group or workshop please ensure everyone has an original book thereby respecting the authors copyright.

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