A secret wedding

Matthew and Kayla Kramer

I think I must go back a bit… On their way to Afrika Burn Matthew let me know he was going to propose to Kayla, I was told to not say anything, he had already asked her dad for her hand in marriage.

I want to share with you, this past weekend my son, Matthew and his wife, Kayla decided to celebrate their love for one another in a “secret wedding“. The invited guests thought they were coming to an engagement party, dress was smart casual Boho style. No one knew that they had already gotten married the week before with the parents as witnesses at home affairs, we were sworn to secrecy. They decided to have this beautiful celebration the week later with very close family and true friends. I thought what a great way for them to honour their love, no nonsense, no drama that one find leading up to a wedding.This decision was made because this is what they wanted. We as parents honored their decision. Both Matthew and Kayla are from large families with two sets of dads and moms each. When the list was drawn up they had to look at it realistically, the number’s, the economics and who they had shared quality time with in the last three months. That I understood as well as the other parents. There were a lot of family members not included as well as friends and acquaintances.

In this photo Kayla’s family chatting before the suprise.

When we arrived at the venue out in the country side of Muldersdrift a place called Ground Café the day was perfect, the late winter weather spectacular,what a blessing, we were directed to the area where we had to go to. A cluster of trees set to one side with the hill as a backdrop. Here the guest were greeted with wine and beer to get the mood going. Hay bales were set out with a a doorway leading to the path with rose quartz along the pathway, with the afternoon sun rays filtering through the trees it created a magical space. Charl Du Toit sang, what a talented young artist.

Walking up to the forest area

The guest looked beautiful in their Boho style. Incredible to see and feel the pure love that everyone felt, by now the feeling that a wedding was going to happen was real. Seeing Matthew with his dad and grandfather was wonderful to witness the 3 generations of the Kramer name.

Matthew and his grandfather Heinz

Gary my husband and I knowing what is about to happen

Claire, Matthew’s sister, and her partner Carl von Hoesslin

Claire with her step – mom Arlene

The moment had arrived Kayla with her father, beautiful and radiant. As Kayla walked towards Matthew who was overcome by emotion we all could not help but feel their energy, their love. Sitting there watching my son the tall gentle giant waiting for his Kayla was an emotional moment for me. This was my son’s wedding celebration this was the moment I don’t have to keep the secret, I can tell everyone they were married and that the beautiful Kayla was now my daughter-in-law. That moment that Dave and Matthew hugged each other in front of us to witness was the moment the love of Matthew into Kayla’s family was evident for each of us to witness. Knowing that Matthew was part of this extended family recieved with warmth and blessings was a heart warming moment for me as his mom.

A touching moment between Matthew and Kayla’s dad, Dave.

Their commitment to one another was both beautiful and gentle as well as emotional to witness. Their words to one another showed the depth of their love.

Knowing that they were supported by Matthew’s Boy’s and Kayla’s Tribe was all inspiring the knowledge of deep friendships between this group of young adults.

Then it was time to party, taking a stroll across the open space to the hall was special with the bagpipes playing

Waiting for us was the Gin Bar for every one to enjoy whilst photographs were being taken.

Chelsea and Claire enjoying pink gin

Cheers from me to Matthew and Kayla.

As the sun set over the hill the light started to turn creating magic in the air, the weather still blessed us with its magnificent, giving its blessing to the witnessed celebration. Nothing more beautiful than capturing an African Sunset.

Listening to the laughter by many, the joy of witnessing this special moment will forever be with I believe everyone who came to be with Matthew and Kayla.

The speeches by the father’s were funny, meaningful and emotional. Matthew’s dad included Gary, my husband, to also be part of the speech, as his stepfather he has also played a valuable part of Matthew’s growth and journey. Even in these times of family dynamics one can still be a family as at the end of the day no matter how small or big our children come first. Thank goodness that we as parents have an emotionally mature relationship that allows us to be great with one another which honours our children.

Matthew with his brother Jon and Gary

Matthew, Gary and myself

Kayla and Chelsea (Jon partner)

Kayla and I

One thing is for sure when one dances the energy level rises. The freedom to express one’s self comes out. Word of advice take another pair of shoes to dance in preferably the most comfortable.

Kayla and her girls dancing away.

What Matthew and Kayla has shown all of us is that we need to instill in ourselves the ability to keep to what we believe in, not let the fear of what other’s think or say.

My wish for my beautiful children As you step into your new chapter as a married couple that you will remain your true authentic selves, that you will honour one another allowing growth to happen for your selves. Never to leave home without saying goodbye or giving the other a hug and kiss, always saying I love you. At night when the lights go off I love you is said. If you feel frustrated to talk about it to have the ability to communicate. Never to feel fearful of one another. To laugh and cry together, to walk and run together. To be together. I love you my angels. Mom

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