Dreams are for everyone including YOU!

The moment you create that dream it is yours to expand on. You have to believe it, see it, own it. Start your visualization board for you to take ownership of your dream.

When you share too much of your dreams you are setting yourself up for other’s to be critical. These are your dreams never loose hope because of other’s influence or a bump in your road. Create the road forward for the possibilities you envisioned from the start.

Never rush your dreams as timing is right. Once your dreams have been formulated, a plan of action put into place you start the journey of a ‘dream born’. Your dreams do have wings.

If there are bumps in the road don’t give up I believe it’s a time for you to re-evaluate what you have been doing perhaps it needs tweaking, don’t loose hope. Especially at this point don’t let someone take away your dreams by saying to you that you should have listened to them etc etc….. Step back relook at what you have done so far, that’s a start to you dream, if there is something that is throwing out your hard work change the formula. It does work!

Once you have created your dream as your reality you have to nurture it everyday, don’t become complacent, once complacency sets in you will loose your dream and your hope for it.

Never forget you are worthy of your dreams. Start each day with an affirmation “I AM WORTHY OF MY DREAM…………….” ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿป name your dream in the blank.

#dreams #visualize #youareworthy #creatingpossiblities


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