Changing our wording regarding weight.

Weight has become a major issue for many people over time. I myself have become a victim of this, through years of bullying as a young school girl and adult, where weight became an massive factor in my life. I was the perfect yoyo dieter until recently. It’s not easy dealing with weight when society puts pressure on how we should look etc. Many people have not found work or relationships because of this. A very difficult time for many. There is also the illness factor that does contribute to weight gain which has to be addressed and handled with dedication and love of self to work through.

I believe that we need to relook at how we address our love / hate relationship with weight. The key is looking at how we look and embrace who we are, as soon as that happens a shift does take place…… We stop our immediate pressure on ourselves. Always remember what others think that is just it, it’s what they think! What are they trying to hide that they need to turn their attention to you. Once the mind shift changes from you, you need to change what you say about your weight……

Remove the word ‘loose’, you might be wondering why I’m saying this. To loose something you will get it back. Normally we always find what we have lost or it somehow finds its way back. So Hallo why on earth do you want your weight back. Let’s change the word to Release. When you release something you set it free. I have finally come to terms with this.

Every day I say my Affirmations as often as possible they have become my Mantra. When I look in the mirror I look at myself with loving eyes and not eyes of judgement. When you bath or shower embrace your body by loving your body by acknowledging the journey it has been with you. You and your body have traveled many journeys, gone through all types of emotions as well as the roller coaster ride of your relationship with weight. Dealing with cellulite etc…

If you are wanting to release your weight believe it, see it and feel it. You are worthy.

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In love and light.


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