The Credit Stealer

How many people in positions of leadership have become what they are because of the team behind them? It’s food for thought!

I have come across so many people who have become victims of credit stealers. So what is a credit Stealer? It is that person of authority, or a co-worker who takes others hard work as their own. That is the simplicity of that statement. Are you a credit stealer?

How does a credit Stealer impact on the very people they take from? They create demotivation, lack luster staff as well as mistrust where staff hate the work environment.

Some people will take your work ethics and violate them to better themselves. No matter what you do it’s not about you but rather about the core value of that person. Never drop your standards for someone else who is a credit stealer. Value who you are.

What about the credit stealer who is a work colleague? There are plenty of them around let’s face it. These are the ones who take advantage of a fellow colleague, taking their ideas or manipulating it to look like their work. Come across any lately? Then to top it off they get a promotion that rightly should have been yours.

I honestly believe that eventually they will be exposed.

To have staff that are motivated leaders need to motivate their staff to such an extent that staff members are enthusiastic to get to work and deliver.

A little exercise for yourself, your Team leaders as well as staff to answer. There will be answers that may shock one, it’s a necessary if you are wanting to create a positive outcome within your organization.

How do you empower your staff members?

Are the right people getting the accolade they deserve?

Are you promoting the right people?

How do you have an uplifted positive team that is empowered?

Give yourself time to reflect on these questions……..

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