You are allowed to fly, you are allowed to soar.

Let the light within

This week I’ve been drawn to highlight the need for your light to shine within for others to witness. Take back your power from those who believe it’s their right to control you.

If you feel dis-empowered but feel it’s easier to just keep the peace, then, you are allowing your disempowered state to control you. You already know deep within that there is no peace or happiness in this state and you are stunting your ability to grow.

Throughout my life I carried fear within me which dis-empowered me. I wanted to be liked by others; to be recognised for what I did; to be accepted. In carrying this fear of not being accepted, I put myself second and others ahead of me. What I’m saying will resonate with many of you, and you will have this whoosh of feeling that I’m right and that I could be talking about you. The sexual harassment and sexual overtures that some women encounter at work, going out, walking along a walk way, catching a bus or taxi etc. highlight another area of significant dis-empowerment.  Sexual harassment also often leads to rape, physical abuse and in some cases murder, and as women we have to re-empower ourselves by speaking out against the abuse. When we deal with the hard core issues we are faced with on a daily basis by standing up and re-empowering our God given right as a female, we learn to live the divine life we are gifted and meant to live; it starts to formulate the light within.

Plant upliftment

It’s like tending to a seed in the ground which starts to push through the soil, and by nurturing the seed, it starts to rise to its full glory, to the magnificence of what it was divinely meant to be!

Should you not be doing this for yourself?

Should you not be honouring yourself?

Do you not deserve to be that magnificent blossom?

Start the process of nurturing yourself – this cannot be done overnight – remember how long you have had to live as you have……..start the process for you!


Never allow someone else to tell you – you are not beautiful, you are stupid, you are fat. For when people start this, it’s a reflection of their own low self-worth, not yours. It’s easier to bully someone else or dis-empower them as it allows them to feel in control.

Many times I have seen women whose partners’ control them fully: where they are told they don’t understand business, they don’t need to see the bank balance, they should dress and furnish the home a certain way. If you have a partner doing this to you, you need to realise that they have dis-empowered you and you have allowed it to happen. Instead of accepting the dis-harmony within that this creates, take back your power, be gentle with yourself, you can find a solution.


As soon as you recognise within yourself that which needs to change, you can embrace YOU for the divine blessing you are meant to be.

When that starts to fall into place, no matter how small the seed is, it will flourish and you will start to shine from within. Do this for the good of your well being and for the good of all.


A journal for women to re-discover who they are


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